I have had the good fortune to have been born into a farming family, working with the farm animals, coming across a wide variety of wildlife and plants (some of which I sampled never knowing what I was putting in my mouth, but I am still here to tell the tale). The freedom experienced by anyone living in the countryside is amazing: go out the door, round the fields never knowing what you’d come across, fishing in the streams with a jam jar for sticklebacks, keeping watch on the development of frog spawn etc., and watch the wild plants growing. I then compare my childhood and life in the country with the people I encountered during my working life in the city. I felt sorry for them living in a concrete jungle, oh yes there were parks and other open spaces, but these seemed to be inhabited by an element of society who had no respect for themselves or others or property; I often wondered what their attitudes would be had they too been brought up in a rural setting, where people helped each other, even the children looked out for the older people.

I find it marvellous that there are people who have an incorrigible sense of duty to provide knowledge and skills to others in how they can be empowered to look out for themselves. The work of bushcraft provides teaching for these people which they are unlikely to receive from any other source. It is their dedication to teach their knowledge and skills, and no doubt learn new skills themselves, which they can then pass on.

I am happy therefore to support bushcraft-Scotland who through their work provides an experience to the people they are teaching which will encourage the learner to live better lives, look out for each other, and help pass on that which they themselves have been taught, and enjoy the experience.

Doris Brown

Administrator for Bushcraft-Scotland


Comments on a plant Study

Bushcraft Scotland introduced a seasoned wood addict like myself, to a totally different way of observing trees and plant life. Gavin Mitchell creatively coached me through the macro world to the micro environment and back again. Almost taking on the form and energy of the tree itself, the process definately reconnected me with the material that I work with day in day out. Every forester, woodworker and outdoor educationalist should participate in Bushcrfaft Scotlands’ unique approach to sharing, learning and teaching.
Eoin Cox MBE
Buy Design Gallery,Jedburgh,Scotland


Gavin Mitchell has worked with Youth Vision from inception and is an inspiration to our young people,”

“fantastic depth of knowledge in and use of traditional skills and bushcraft”

“a patient, gentle giant”

Fiona and Sara,YouthVision,Co-ordinator and administrators


From to different workshops:

A Comment from a young girl in a closing circle @ the Dunbar Community Woodland primitive arrow making workshop.

Her Best memory from the day,

”Asking the tree if she could take its wood to make the arrow”.

A comment from a hungerian boy on a bus to teacher after workshop.

”That was a spiritual experience”


Feedback from Margo Kolinger teacher and eurythmist at the Godollo steiner school hungery.

They took this two days of survival workshop seriously and they were relaxed.They got to know really interesting things and had the chance to manifest them self,as well.

During this two days they got such a pilgrims bag bag full of things about nature,social life and self-knowledge that this can be like fertile soil on there path in life so they can become nature conscience adults who are socialy empathetic individuals.

During the workshop they could learn rely on their sense again,what they already started to forget.

Gavin’s personality was the garentee for that,because he was standing in front of them as a authentic personality in all his deeds and words.


lake Balaton

Lake Balaton sun set

One to one workshop July 2012

“Opens your eyes to a completely different way of viewing the world around you and your place within it.”
I met Gavin at a professional gathering this year in Hungary and attended a
number of workshops that he attended and co-facilitated a workshop with him
during the course of the week.  I found Gavin to be a very astute and aware
Man with a deep sensitivity to people and life around him.  He has a
capacity to look at life from the poets heart, bringing beauty with his
words and profound meaning with his observations. I worked with him daily
and found his presence and ability to see from a spiritually fresh point of
view, very, very, enlivening.  Having him as a peer facilitator and witness
to my learning edges, helped me to break into new areas of myself which I
am deeply grateful to have discovered.
Nina Hawkins
New Zealand