Introductory, day taster session.

As and when needed.

This is by donation. Session.With a variety of skills.Being taught.

The session will need 3-9 participants to Run.

if your intrested in a course being run please could you e mail or text me with a note of your intrested.

including what you love about bushcraft.



weekend workshop.saturday to sunday.

7 place only.

adults only 16 years minimum

registar your intrest by text at 07964 66 77 81

or by email at greenmanlove2@gmail.com

once i have enough intrested i run a course.


I have been focused on work with young children 2016-2017 (As a father)

This year I have been finishing my book (during the winter).

pushing my knowledge into new skills, family skills

which has meant my teaching work has taken a back seat.


Bushcraft Skills 

I have been focused on work with young children 2015-2016 (As a father)

I would like to do more one to work .Which cost between £45-£90 dependant on transport cost and times.This amount is open to negotiation.This style of one to one work only works well with adults.

I ‘ve been specialising in,Shelter,Fire,Wild plants and Primitive Bow making.

I do have some dates left,for individual or group session.


Quick bow making

Looking at collection,making, Advantages and disadvantages of different woods.


Plant,Spirit Medicine

Plant Observation days.This is a very exciting process were we go on a journey to meet the being of the plant and bring the plant back into medicine form.It as much about self transformation as getting to know the plant.

On Going Bush-Craft Skills Practice Group

Normally weekday nights Nights.

Please contact me for space availability and for previous experience info.

if you email or text me with a note of intrest.

once i have enough intrest i will offer a group.

please email me with note of intrest.


Contact : Gavin Mitchell

E mail greenmanlove2@gmail.com

Home 01899 860 746


Mobile 07964 66 77 81(mobile only works when i am in a place with a signal)