Greenman Massage.

Offers, holistic deep tissue Swedish massage.

Home visits in and around Edinburgh and the borders

Ask your self?

What is Massage in essence?

Massage is the Art of Healing  Human touch.

I  am I.T.E.C qualified

I Charge £25.00-half  hour£50.00 for the full hour

I also have gift vouchers available.@ a 40% Discount

A massage makes a great health-bestowing present.

What does massage have to do with Bushcraft skills?

Its the essence of living-learning of the human body through the wisdom of the hands.This learning re-enables us to become the Healer or Doctor of oneself and others through the wisdom of learning through the art of touch.

The essence of the healer’s knowledge then becomes profoundly deep.It couple with traditional physical thought bound methods as well.

Some leading thoughts connected to the Art Of therapeutic touch(Massage)

How often have you felt the quality touch of another human today?

What is the essence of quality Human touch?

The answers come.’I know my self through the touch of the other’.

What is the essence of the sense of touch?

As we know children contain great wisdom.If you watch a child it will touch far more than an adult.

How often when you are in a shop do you here the expression of the Mother or Father saying ‘Don’t touch!’to their child?


Thoughts on self-made oils:

Massage coupled with the experience of wildcrafting (using local herbs to induce healing)Can have a lasting and beneficial effect.

Massage Oils are easy and rewarding to make.

Through plant study.You can learn to communicate.with the essential nature of the plant.Bring it back into a living process with the ailment of the patient.