The swoping of the moment
From hand to hand
Women of light
Women of night
Sound seems to muffle
Shadows creep and seep out
Light retreats
The princess s dance together
Darkness livens
Swells into her torment of passion
My bright consciousness begins to accept
The long age of now becomes sleepy
Dusks sacred swings begins to draw into darkness
My emotions are freed in the comfort of the sheltering dark
As the drink of the day passes into my soul
In my desperate thirst
I forgot
No days ever taste the same
So this day becomes a unique joule

Time fades into the dawn of eternity
As the breeze of night falls it sweeps my tired head


Grey smoke rise up from the dark bothie
In the darkness of dawn
The sacred drawn
The princess of light
Dance with her dark sister
In movements of truth
Awaken into consciousness
Her light grows from every were
The stillness bares the knowledge
Forgotten by most
An empty push away beauty
Spat on by the working mans call
Yet the taste of this liquid is the taste of our age
Not brave enough to hold freedom
In our cup
Let alone drink from the liquid of choice
As the maiden of light twist in to centre stage
Darkness cover her eyes in stark consciousness
Of the pain of knowing
Her cloak folds in to shadows
The wren and the black bird talk in the joy of now
In the treasure of my life

This poem was written @ my favorite bothy in -8 centigrade conditions over new year.
It reflexs for me the importance of this time of day and the relationship one can develope with change in ones life.

by Gavin Mitchell

All The falling Poetry is written by my self please could you use my name and a ref to this website if you copy it.Thank you

The She

She came with me over the hill
In the black of night
Forehead eyes
Shone the way
Two separate eyes with a common purpose inside one
Maria walked with delicate actions
The she’s excitement grows
As they peer out from fairy mounds
Whispering in the tall heather as the wind
She’s a vessel for all creation
Roles are unconcouse as mother & father walk
The father hears the shrieking desire of the She
As it thinks
With in the dreaming sense
The she are one and all
Near and far
Tall & small
They breave the circle

In the city were confusion rains
Man looses lifes true rain
He end up riding mounting steeds of greed
Breathing impenitence
Cutting the very hand clean of which feeds him
Now the she come & takes the pure soul
Bare on the dark swirling wind
Caught in a desire to taste the apple of paradise
Wishing to practice on this sacred ground
Dance with matter
Three together are unborn
She knows we are in service
We can never have as one
Only as all
Borders crash
Boundaries fall as dust into the great ocean
Every channel in the brain is open
Total conscious autism
There is now no limits
Options are endless
The path of the I is known

The Greenman

Skipping into the path of the unknown
Roselin glen
Leaving my steel box
The trappings and neon lights of my world
Taking the deep dark path
The dark Forrest becomes
Yet I go with out thinking
The sleeping stelf warrior of the unconscious
Walks behind
My blindness,Screems out into my deafness with her silence
I look down to the vague out line of security
The green which is now black
Becomes the demons in my life
Mirroring the subconscious
Hate wills up with a dripping luscious head of fear
I hug a giant oak.The rough texture leaves a dent on the third eye skin
As I lay my eye against her body
Pictures of light real into my mind
I know her on a summer light knight
She accepts me
As the open wound of a swollen Virginia
My mind flutters into a place of deep silence
Which only the Forrest knows
This was their church
That scaffold-protected building is just a monument
To this the real home of god
The darkness whispers I am whole
Demons Burned with in twist up screeching
From the dark shape of the Forrest around
The following warrior struggles with his body behind me
Barking a scream into the darkness
The Greenman
From a place of great peace and shinning wisdom
Says listen well for my teachings are the path of truth
Spend your life with me for I am the true path to the way of the spirit
He stands before me
These are his words
Every plant & tree make up his being
Birds alight every animal disappears before me into his darkness
I am the Greenman
His eyes shine brighter than any sun
His whole being becomes light from the strength of your love
The allowance,The allowance
My soul weeps in the revelation of reverence
I fall to my knees
Yet find I am in being right Now
The radiant son
The son of man

The gift

Thrown back in my face
Fuck the race
Chase, Chase, The beauty in your face
Can this really be the end
I can ‘t defend.The end
The key,sets me free
O’what is it to be?
The gift caused the rift
Valleys of the world
Did you ever meet me?
Unconditional giving
The gift set me free
How can this be?
The visitor arrives
The gift set me free
You spat in my eye
Was it to rid me of that fly?
The gift set me free The gift set me free
I gave the money you gave to the church box.
On the way home
I found a coin the same
I bought a present for my sister
This young boy you beat
Because of your disbelief in providence.
The gift,The gift set me free.
The little girl loved quavers
You took them and gave them to another
I cried with her
Our tears mingled
You scolded with disapproval
The gift the gift set you free
How could this be?
I took the moose marker from the Christmas stocking
I drew a cobweb on the wall
You laughed
That night a wee boy stayed up late
Drawing cobwebs
Over the whole wall
To make you so happy
The next morning after seeing the gift
You beat that wee boy
Until his back was red with the slap of your hand
The gift the gift set you free
The Christmas cards around the wall
My dad and brother picked the worst of them all
Laughing and pointing
The giver lay in the corner crying
Who was the worst of them all?
The gift the gift set me free
So I dropped my life map
It’s in the past
It could never last
The gift,The gift the gift set me free?

Copy rights Gavin Mitchell,Please contact me.If you wish to use it.

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