The Whisky in exchange for land: MORTLACH 1936 DISTILLED.STOREYThe mortlach 1936 Distilled

Whisky Morlach 1936

At the millennium new year 1999-2000. I become the proud owner of  very special bottle of whisky: A 1936 distilled bottle of Mortlach.If you do a search for chasing charlie you will find how I come to find this prized bottle of whisky.

That new years party in Glen pean bothy @ the top of Lock Arkaig.Was fantastic,For me it wasent the 1000 bottle of whisky. I don’t drink  it was the coming together of the real people from all over scotland and the world, there was 33 of us. It was really inspiring to meet the auther of the book, Mr Richard Henderson.

I Decide to use the Whisky, This very special bottle of Mortlach as a seed to create a community of the future. A community of wilderness instructors, who will help develop a way to reverse what took place in the clearance of Scotland. Which will also facilitate people back in to wild places in scotland in a substantial  environmental way.

So Basically the Wisky is for sale and all the money raised will go into developing Bushcraft-scotland.

The Starting Prize Is £395.00 who is going to make me an offer closing date will be the darkest day or the longest night. The 21 of Dec 2009. Remember this bottle is part of history. Its the Best Malt in the whole of the Chasing Charlie whisky stash. All the money raised Goes to an excellent cause.

In 200 the Gorden and Macphail still had a few bottles for sale at £999.00.

It will cost £21.65 +£10.55 for a insurance cover of £500.00 to send first class in U.K

All proceeds made from the sale of the whisky will go to Bushcraft-Scotland