what is it? why is such a great thing to learn?

it really is like picking up a golden thread with the person or animal on the other side.

trackways are a good place to start, moving into sign tracing and track ageing.I find it helpful to have a clear goal before I go out in relationship to what I want to learn beforehand.the other thing is remember to have fun.




these are almonds in Hungary growing in the street.


nature art is healing for art

for body mind and soul.



the quite unfolds


Angelica Archangelica

the plant of the angels

this picture taken next to a stream in the borders near tala resevior.

a great ref for the basic herbs is the holistic herbal by david hoffman.


this a fantastic herb.it’s easy to mistake for other umbrella plants.this a good wee link



what is the most useful factor in bushcraft?

to me.its the hart.love actually.

why?because of the seasons.time, rhythms, days, months, years and relaxation.

ie the art of being. to be good at survival one need to work with the season.


learning to read the clouds is an important part of bushcraft

life even in a city can be wild thanks to the clouds.

these clouds are near Durness.



the falls of Clyde

the trackways of water

one can learn so much from observing a waterfall

about the land, the water, and our self.



the secret to great bushcraft

is to embrace the childs gift.

what do you think the child’s gift is?



foraging in febuary

in Scotland

1.nettle are begining to come back.

2.ground elder are begining to appear

3. in low land parts the chickweed is coming on.

4. gorse flower are looking fantastic at the moment

5.are the shoots of wild garlic coming up?check it out.be care. make sure its the reall deal before eating.


7. Daisies are here.in the lowlands

8.sea weed.there is some great option here.

9.wood sorel.is a very tasty plant

10.primrose (Oenothera)

you can eat the flower and the leaves.I haven’t tried then

11. Lesser celandine (Ficaria verna) the leafs.i haven’t eaten these.

12.Scarlet elf caps (Sarcoscypha coccinea) I wanted to add this mushroom which didn’t I even know one could eat.

I found on this website https://wildplantguide.com/2018/01/30/foraging-in-february/

it says in my mushroom book that it’s not worthwhile eating 367 its got a new Latin name sarcoscypha austriaca is the more common species in Great Britain.

I cant remember seeing it up here in Scotland.have any of you guys seen it up here email me if you have.



the snow is excellent for tracking.

its really important to recognise different sort of snow.it help to go sledging to do this.some snow are dry some are wet some are tacky.there is so many different types of snow.


this a great simple fish crab trap



red deer bring in the new year

when there this close is a excellent opertuinity to make note on the deer tracks


the pine

looking down toword Balmoral.



this a actual reflection.in the water of clyde.on a very still frosty winter dusk.


the eye of god

this smoo cave durness


its interesting when it snows.

There is so many different ways to explore.from the snow type to the way the ground is pressed down after the snow melts.


dust is a very special time.one thought is it allows mystery to be.

The track is continuation of the track over the iced puddle behind.

there only subtle marks on the ice puddle.


It disapoints my such a learning resourse can remain so tree less like the pentland hills,near edinburgh.


these hills are definitely merlins hills

for mr they portray how he would be working in our time.

tinto from green law



Its important to truely understand how christ mafests in nature.

the question comes how does one do this?what is the point in  coming to  this place of knowledge?when you know for sure,how does it heal you and others?

these are just the start of some of the question concerning the king of the ellements.


were the river meets the sea.Durness Sutherland


I just love the different moods the light creates in scotland.


As therapy place.Its kind of so fimiliar it. suprise you.It alow you to go to sleep so can know the the other world.Its the seers hill.

 a view from the back of schahalion

The name Schiehallion is an anglicised form of the Gaelic name Sìdh Chailleann, which translates as fairy hill of the caledonians. It is also known to some as “The Maiden’s pap”, or “Constant Storm.



east Linton standing stone

stand up right on the landscape.a message from our ancestors.


great hill vitamin c sourse


the sun shone on to the mist as i turned to leave the summit of old ben macdui.

I can really feel i am walking with god on this mountain.


light in the #nettle its excellent food source

at this time of year they are getting a bit tough to eat they a better when the seed still havent developed.

#river path


I don’t often have these moments of beautiful inspiration in city i did when i took this picture in glasgow.

urban beauty

I have got to know this stones place over the last 2 years it always surprise me.with a insight.i love it.


Hill walking:I would consider hill walking Not so mick bushcraft but hill craft.It in the same ball part certainly.if you know bushcraft and you hill walk an other world open up.

I love to work with inner question when hill walking.to  do this one needs to be aware  of the outer question of what being is this landscape showing me it is.



the #buachal


spagma bog wet feet paradise

you can see the two old trail walking through.



I was holding my one year old daughter this morning.I realised unconditional love.Is actual true human freedom.this realisation swept me of my feet.it changed everything.

if you do something you love unconditionally.It also sets you free.


white #heather on culter fell


I love the question of what is wisdom?

It draws me into wonder.

When you learn to track bird.Its difficult cause they fly.

how do you track an flying animal?

thoughts are a bit like this in relationship to questions.

wild rose.as inspired thinking



21 /Aug/2017

Normal on the open hill you get grouse,ptarmigan,and i know there was pheasants lower down.I am sure this is a raven print.

they are protected but often get shot and trapped (Larsen traps) by bad keepers.

18 /Aug /2017

the heather is in full bloom just now.

robert burns used to drink heather tea aparently.It taste good.

the purple #heather polen dust my feet purple


picture taken on the pentland hills

its difficult to tell exactly what specie of puff ball they are.I think the are an common earth ball (scerodenrma citrinum) or a scaly earth ball.

they even might be a common puffball (lycoperdon perlatum).I do think so.

either way the common one is edible when young.the earth balls aren’t.


Acient tracking

East linton standing stone

the old man in the cabbage field

east linton standing stone.if you spent time at these standing stone you begin to understand why they were put there.what they were put there for.

11 Aug 2017

I made them in hungry.

I used a small hand grinder to cut them out.

It took a good half day from start to finish.They were comfortable for about 2 miles and then  began to feel the rub.You need to adjust them on a small walk before attempting a big one.Over rough ground the ties would need to be different.Like some kind of buckle or rucksack clip.

defiantly worth investing time in.


How does this plant feel to you?

what are its healing use’s ?


the river edge


ardnamurchan camping


As woodsman- bushcraft man you have to ask?why is storey telling important?what is a storey?what is my storey?

wild geese on rum


I can almost heal the character of the plant  shifting  as i took this picture.she is like a humerus versatile up right dancing beauty.

Full of  silica

The plant contains several substances which are used medicinally. It is rich in the minerals like potassium ,Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, dietary fibres, vitamins A, E, C, tannin’s, alkaloids,and sapiens,

great bio-dynamic preparation and medical herb

these beautiful plants were spoted at Roselin glen


It rained all day to day.yet the rain changed through out the day.when tracking its important to keep a weather journal.At the same time observe ground conditions.


This godly sculpture is also a track.A track from history speaks to us today.

Part of the art of the tracker is to observe.With out judgement.This is known as pure sense observation.Standing stone circle on rum


Hashtag red clover

Wild crafting

Wild crafting










What Medical Property does this plant have?


The tree as a door way to the spirit











4 Sep 2010

Land scape study@Torphican Woodhendge Westlothian,



Plant Study










Sun set camel

Winter sun set camel










Animal study 2009

20 sep 2010


Used in nature observation.

Let us rather educate our minds by contact with the light of the truth into the soul of man from nature.Then  we shall best develop the sense for truths of man,which are at the same time the truths of the cosmos.The truths of nature ,experienced with free and open mind, leads us already towards the truth of the spirit.When we fill ourselves with the beauty,greatness and majesty of nature.it grows in us to a fountain of true feeling for the spirit.and when we open our hearts to the silent gesture of nature revealing her eternal innocence beyond good and evil,our eyes are opened presently to the spiritual world from whence into the gesture the living word rings forth,revealing good and evil.





Ancient sunlight distillery

Nature Doesn’t lie.











2 Nov 2010


Light and Dark













23 Dec 2010

From The Peaceful Scottish warriors Study Group.

We Took the 4 weeks in advent as four processes of modern Initiation.

We worked on the Mineral Kingdom,The plant Kingdom,The Animal Kingdom,And worked it all into the question of what is man.In Relationship to the question of who am I.

The results were profoundly inspiring.

See the course section for ongoing Study over the 12 Holly Nights.



Bushcraft poem for 2011


What is the essence of being?

Suddenly,I notice the last of bees disappearing.

Even in the muddle of summer!

This must be sudden bee dis-appearance.

Were are all the beings.?

Were are all the bees

More human doings!?

It reached such a such musical  hight

What is your ultimate home?

Its your body?

When was the last time,you were truely at home in your temple?

When was the last time you fallowed the first rule of survival?

Breathed and let go of that tension?

Allowed your self to truly be a human being?

The philosophy of the book of nature teachs.

When the bees go

we go.

The oldest lime stone in Britain









Grey dolomitic limestone, Cambrian Durness Limestone

I took the above picture at the corner of the sandy beach near Durness.The local Ranger told me its was properly the oldest thing on the planet.Apart from the Sound.Rock particals in Austriala or part of a rock seam in Greenland (isua greenstone belt)

The picture was taken over the 12 Sacred nights after Christmas.

man ultimate shelter.The sun light and the trees










16 Feb 2011

What is the essence of Bushcraft?

Bushcraft is an Australia term,I beleive.In Scotland its Forest craft.Woodcraft.

As Ernest Thomas Seton says.In his book of woodcraft Published in 1912.Woodcraft is the first of all science.Thomas Took the Red Indian.As an archetypal quality Artist in this realm of wood craft.

I Take the way of the Pictish warrior Druid.Yet taken into our time our conscientiousness.This level of wisdom and woodcraft contain the ultimate responsibility yet at the same time beauty beyond our limited ability of thinking.And feeling.to comprehend.

This level of Nature awareness.Can only be grasps by one who is willing to Go into the woods with the deepest level of both.Thinking and feeling and truly being there,being present.and ultimately taking responsibility for that knowledge.

It is only then the art of true invisability will be known.


The secrets of quick lime-Calcuim OxciteI was recently Given the opertunity to experience a wood fire Romian lime Burn.Fantastic The fire stone produced,reveils the essance of the human life property with in the blood Learn the philosophy.Learn the essance. The fire stone mystery.Using fire to purify stone

Learning the art of crystalisation.Gabriels wisdom

Fire and stone.

The Art of crystalization knowledge,

Using fire to purify stone19 May 2011

4 Septemeber 2011

Back to the fungus season.

What is the essence of a Mushroom?One needs to work with the questions.Of what is the stone?And what is the plant?In relationship to each other to understand.


29 September 2011

What is the essence of Law?

The only true way to know the physical world is to recognise that the spirit created it.

This is the essence of natural law.

11.of Jan 2012

The holly nights lake Balaton Hungary.

When the earth meets the water

At times the general IE seeing the whole can be more important

than perceiving the parts as long as the parts  are investigated to were

intuition tells use to stop

we can see into the future.

Yet the question of what is time must be  investigated.

The Often seen un-usel sun light

The rising sun.Taken from the side of the Hill at Hill End in Edinburgh. Roseline chapel is in the for ground.

Dawn Sun rise over Roselyn Glen,From Hiil end Sun Day 29.1.2012.Sun Rise holds one of the Biggest Secret Needs of our time.Check it out.Often!


4 April 2012

A Helpful mediation of our time is what is known as the 5th life process which is really Total boredom or silence.It Happens to most of us quite quickly.

Find a spot in nature and just sit there.Return to this spot all week at the same time.For seven days.First of.

During this time at different times from being in your sit spot.

Note:the sit spot its self ,can be the most power experience in our time.

Remember to take a log of all you experience. Separate out direction observation sense experiences and feelings.

Find read the storey of the pillars at Roslyn glen.

Find out What the words are connected with the Pillar of Jachim and the Pillar Boaz.

I can send it to if you Can find the words,Translated.

Make sure your body is healthy, your feeling.and Be your self.

Write down what comes up.Do not judge it.Until you nearly forgot about it.


23 April 2012

Note:Dogs often Sent mark the highest plants in the city parks!

Its good to be aware of these simple teachings when collecting.


Hege Garlic

Dog marked Galic Mustard

It is very useful to get used to judging distance in low vis.

Low vis and Distance.


The lower Picture is taken further back than the above.



Below is another sort of distance this time its Time and place.

The Wood Burner Cooker was made one year before.. Obverse the effects of weather.Bushcraft Druid Knowledge (Time line with Metal).

This sort of Knowledge is very useful..

IE Learning to read corrosion and low visibility verse distance

Trash can bushcraft workshop

13 Jul 2012

After an intensive on Intention today.

I Began to deepen how my understanding of the power of intention relates to:

”To know the Beginning is to know the end…”

28 Jul 2012

A good question to work with,Is the question of what is the essence of my personal sticking point or block?

Spend the day walking and talking notes on this question.Then at the end of the day.Put in place on action which one can takes each day to free it

20 nov 2012

What is the essence of time?

22 jan 2013

Happy New Year!

I finished my poetry book over the nights of inner light.(1st Dec 2012-6th of jan 2013}I can now send out a hard copy.I only have 20 copy’s printed.At the moment it is only available from me direct.

This verse captures some of the potential in our time over this period of time:

The Arrival

With in the darkest of the year.

The essence of fear can be known

with in our greatest weakness

The soul finds the gold

In the dazzling consciousness of the inner sun

the light of the son of man is known:

The arrival by G Mitchell copyright@bushcraft-scotland2013

If one experience the arrival one can begin to understand.Why in the Beginning was the word… remember to understand the beginning, one also understands the end.

Learning to practice time tracking

The planets and the stars once spoke to man

If one can understand why tracking is so important as a physical skill.One will begin to understand its vast potential in the realm of the soul or feeling.In relationship to the question of what is the essence of time?

Mar 2013

Lake Balaton

The plant of the christ

Rare european plant

what is this plants name?

22 aug 2013

Some of the best teacher say by being who they are.


some teachers say by ding.

some teachers say by doing

The up rightness of the stone,is the trueth of the human being.If we were not up right.thinking would not excist.for humans.



28 aug 13

The essance of healthy conversation,can be beauty.

light,water,earth and air

light,water,earth and air

at times it seems like the stone are living

at times it seem like the standing stones are living?

Nettles on the sky line.At Roseline glen.Always sky line nettle in daily bush-craft skills integration.


may 2016


mar 2017

a great day out

a great day out.Discovering tracking.

a helping hand

a helping hand


the stone being of east linton


this is a picture of carp eggs in lake Balaton in Hungary.

fresh water mussels

this is fresh water mussels on lake Balaton hungary.

the turtle

A plate size turtle on lake Balton hungary


Its good to be back in scotland.

The problem with Hungary is there is no sea side beach.

Its doesn’t have the same power from the mystical quality as Scotland. The land druid conversion is so different over there.

This is a picture of Merlin’s point in the borders.

Were seven valley meet

Were seven valleys meet

well worth a visit.