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I experience the earth with clarity or interest when it is mixed with other elements. As in water.

The above question goes with who am I? What am I? What is the earth? What is the water?

How do i experience the world? I use my senses



great sunset picture

great sunset picture



In our present society our sense are often bombarded with sharp,pleasurable sounds and sights.

Pounded by adverts, speed and pleasure.

Yet what happen when i have traveled to the extreme of pleasure and displeasure? What is left? Were do I go?

There is one way left, This is the way of the earth mother.

The path of balance.Yeh I know it sound boring..?! Yet this way is the way of ever deeper awareness the way of extreme subtlety’s. The way to feed the deeper unspoken craving of spirit i have in side me.

Yet to get there. I will stop this Disallowing which has been bread into me by this falls heritage of disconnection. I will learn to read the book of nature, in such a way with all my sense so i can know life truths. Life’s limitless potential. Rediscover my own love. Rediscover paradise on earth.

Know with certainty the beauty of the water elementals.

This is part of the teachings of the water stalk.

Ending in the physical skill of being able to spear a fish with a hook, I made from nature

With the deep awareness of I am of the same element as the spear, the fish, the air, the water and the earth.

Still the question remains who am I?


By Gavin Mitchell



beautiful wood

Noticing the slater

Yesterday I came into a Head to head Knife fight with my own Negativity. The sort of fight the Apache used to be portrayed as having in the old style western movies.


Of course I tried to avoid it at first.


The question arose of what is the essence of negativity?Why does it often seam to be stronger than positivity?

The other question arose of what is the essence of human strength?

I think the reason that the fall back position often seam to be negativity is the simple fact that we live with in the physical realm. The negative is the essence of physical form.. This is Arimon realm. Yet the art of crystallisation. Is Gabriel realm. Often it is only through the secret of the philosophers stone. Charcoal and diamond. One can come to a place of certainty of which being one is being with. Through the shadow the light becomes crystal clear and hard like the Diamond.


The desperate need with in me to be held seems to come from allowing one consciousness to become aware of the void. The mortal wound. The open undecided question.


This is why the secret of the rocks is the foundation of physical existence.

The shadow its self give the right amount of held back pressure. Depending on the amount of self knowledge work that I have done.


It litter felt like I was bound in a rock. Prometheus was bound to the rock.


Any it dawn on me that rock consciousness is death its self because it stretches beyond the realm of sleep consciousness.

Note:This type of consciousness can only be seem on retrospect,on looking were one has been.

Tracks can only be seen in this way as well. Tracks are left in broken down stone. In the earth soil.


So I realised again only with greater clarity and certainty this is part of the


Note with in the physical realm. This is the art of True metamorphosis. The Art of dieing when one is alive

Its the Art of surrender.

Note:That Dogs do this a lot showing there belly.

remember that Rome was Found out of the nurture of the wolf.

It is the essence of the secret of forgiveness.

Part of the teaching of the grail.

Is that the void is a true personal experience. Nobody else can do one own shadow work

(See Debbie fords the Dark side of the light chasers)


Awareness with in the Death force is the Key forgotten element to life.

This in a way is the only way one can truly begin to liberate ones self.

This is one of Michaels Gifts.

The road to true freedom.

This often manifest with in the physical realm as suicide.

Yet composting is the alchemical reality of this light filled transformation.

Its the reason mushrooms and fungus are generally tending towards roundness


This is were the plants actually meet the mineralisation processes.

Its were the plant kingdom finds its certainty of pure strength.


The image is this.

Its perfect.

The Knight dismounts in sadness. Fixated on the droplets of Blood on the ice crystals of snow.

His strength is ultimate.

He knock Lancelot to the ground with out even noticing.

It is only after Gawain puts down the hanker chief over the Blood drop lets that the spell is broken.

Note:Gawain is St John the bearer of the secret of the plant kingdom. Through the green-man. He bear the knowledge of the essence of the etheric

He knows the essence of the connection of the etheric to the physical world. The Art of Growing to the Art of Crystallisation. The Art of Dyeing consciously.


Note:The Blood is the essence of the purified ego. The Balance of the Twelve. The christ in us.

The white of the snow is wonder:THE KEY TO THE DOOR WAY..Gabriel s gift. The Living Art of Crystallisation.


Note:The blood its self is from the animal. The Astral. The essence of emotion. A goose,Brought down by a peregrine hawk.


The season is now its this time of year.

Its when Gabriel hands the two edged sword to Raphael.

See the Apocalypse of St John.

Lecture 1

The Edge sword in a way is everything in the physical world. Including our Body’s

Yet it includes one more thing.

It Includes

Each one of us as individuals. It include our perfection and all our mistakes. It includes our truth with in every moment .It is us being with in the essence of our process.


The handing over is also being minor on the other side be Michael and Gabriel.

Openness to conscious death on one side of the mask or head and open consciousness to life on the other side of the head.

Note:This head was a god in Roman times. The two faces


This openness is in essence Gabriel ability to help us liberate. Up holding the liberation of Aroman.

The living Art of crystallisation is forgiveness. Its conscious death

Note:This is Head was a god in Roman times-The god of two faces Janus.


The Knight stands up. See lying around him What he has down.

See the broken lance. The spear. The broken spear.

It is only in looking back one can see were ones tracks have been.

He has truly entered the other world. Were time is different.(Read Charlie Kovacs parcival)

This openness is in essence Gabriel gift(The Archangel )Gabriel ability to liberate us. Up holding the grip of Arimon with in crystallisation.


Not me but the Christ in me

He remembered.


This seem important to the group hence I thought I would share it with you.

During the Holly nights. I realised the importance of dawn as a main teaching.

Also the importance of the fifth life process In connection with .Jachim and Boaz.

I also have written papers on these. Yet Haven’t typed them up yet.


Lots of Love And plenty crystal clear thoughts from Gavin


A Bushcraft-Scotland publication by Gavin mitchell


Copy right 2012 Just ask me !

May 2012

This is one standing stone i have being doing work on.In relationship to landscape study in Edinburgh

The Caiy Stone.

A Massive red sand stone culture with cup marks.In the middle of a built up area in south Edinburgh.


The kel stane

The Caiy Stone


The Kel stone

The up right child


One needs to go and Develop a relation ship with the stone and its environment to begin to understand its truth.

Then one realise the stone becomes the ultimate track or print of our Druidic ancestors